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Seattle and Bellevue, WA – October 2023

Celebrating a Decade of Transforming Smiles


Dr. Rebecca Bockow, a native of the Seattle area and esteemed orthodontist and airway specialist, celebrates her private practice ten-year anniversary. In 2020, the two-location practice re-branded to its current name as Inspired Orthodontics. The practice has a phenomenal track record with early growth guidance, TAD expansion, surgical orthodontic cases, and straightening teeth using several standard and cutting-edge techniques from braces to Invisalign and even the latest Lightforce orthodontic technology. The name Inspired Orthodontics also reflects the practice’s expertise in incorporating airway and sleep issues into patient treatment plans addressing the critical aspects of breathing and sleep and their impact on one’s whole health and life.

Over the past decade, Dr. Bockow and her colleague Dr. Truong have transformed countless smiles, bringing confidence and joy to their patients in Seattle and Bellevue.

As a female owned and managed business, Dr. Bockow and the Inspired Orthodontics leadership team take pride in creating and sustaining a small business that fosters growth and professional development among the staff. Both doctors are also teachers and leaders in their field, and continue to inspire dentists, specialists, allied health care providers, and students.

Reflecting on the past decade of serving patients, Dr. Bockow commented, “I had a dream and vision for an orthodontic practice, and it is so humbling to be living this dream daily. I dreamt of creating an incredible work environment where staff can grow and thrive, and establishing a practice where patients come from near and far to receive the highest quality of care. We offer a unique expertise around the interplay between the bones, gums, teeth, airway, lips, skeletal form, and function.”

Drs. Bockow and Truong's commitment to using cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment plans has set them apart as leaders in the orthodontic field nationally. They have a particular interest and expertise in early skeletal growth and development, sleep and airway related issues, adult expansion, surgical orthodontic care, Invisalign, teen and adult orthodontics, and the latest innovations incorporating 3D designed and printed technology for both appliances and braces.

Their partnership and collaboration perpetuate the practice’s high level of patient care and great reputation in the community. Inspired Orthodontics has also earned a national reputation for being a highly sought after orthodontic practice with patients flying in from all over the country.

Dr. Rebecca Bockow History

Dr. Bockow's journey to becoming a prominent figure in the dental industry is an inspiring one.

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) Training - Proud alumna of the University of Washington Dental School.
  • Dual Ortho/Perio Residency with Master’s in Oral Biology - Dr. Bockow's pursuit of excellence and dedication while attending the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine resulted in her completing the dual periodontics/orthodontics residency in four years; a highly competitive program accepting only one applicant per year. During her time at the U of Penn dual program, she simultaneously earned a master’s degree in oral biology, and shortly thereafter went on to earn her board certification in both periodontics and orthodontics. Dr. Bockow's extensive studies along with her dual board certification constitute a remarkable feat in dentistry and are a testament to her passion in the field.
  • Practiced as a Restorative Dentist - in West Seattle for two years, where she decided her role on the dental team was to help set up the foundation for oral health with every patient.
  • New Practice - Upon graduating her dual ortho/perio program, Dr. Bockow returned to the Seattle area and started her practice under the name Seattle Smile Designs. Her original start-up had physical locations in Kenmore and Bellevue.
  • Practice Addition, 2014 - Dr. Bockow acquired a practice from Dr. John Moore, an orthodontist who taught in the University of Washington orthodontic department and was known as one of Seattle's most talented orthodontists, especially when it came to adult and interdisciplinary orthodontic plans. Dr. Moore took over the practice from his father, Dr. Alton Moore. During this time, the Bellevue location remained small but continued to grow organically by word-of-mouth reputation.
  • Additional Practice Addition, 2018 - Dr. Bockow merged with and ultimately assumed care of Dr. Don Joondeph’s orthodontic practice in Bellevue, WA. Dr. Joondeph’s practice was highly regarded and respected among the dental community as Dr. Joondeph was the former chairman of and remains on faculty at the University of Washington Department of Orthodontics. This transition was especially meaningful as Dr. Joondeph was Dr. Bockow’s childhood orthodontist.
  • National Reputation for Orthodontic Excellence - Dr. Bockow lectures and teaches nationally on periodontics, orthodontics, interdisciplinary orthodontics, airway, and skeletal growth and development.

Dr. Cassie Truong History

Dr. Truong, a native of Tacoma, WA, shares Dr. Bockow’s passion for orthodontics and her dedication to patient care. She is a board-certified orthodontist who also received her training at the esteemed University of Pennsylvania, ensuring that their patients receive the highest level of expertise.

  • Mendelson Scholarship Recipient - Dr. Truong completed her DDS training at the University of California San Francisco Dental School and was the Mendelson Scholarship recipient of her class.
  • University of Pennsylvania Research Award - Completed the highly selective Orthodontics Program at The University of Pennsylvania and was awarded the University of Pennsylvania’s Research Award for her work on the effects of expansion on the hard and soft tissue of the nasal cavity.

As Inspired Orthodontics celebrates this remarkable milestone, Dr. Bockow and Dr. Truong continue to look forward to the future, with a shared vision of creating even more beautiful smiles in the years to come.

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Referring Doctors Messages From Our Colleagues

Congratulations to Dr. Bockow and Inspired Orthodontics on a remarkable 10 years of service to our community!

It's truly inspiring to see the dedication and innovation she and her team bring to the field of orthodontics. Dr. B has not only helped us transform countless smiles but also led groundbreaking treatments that prioritize child health, development, and addressing airway-related sleeping disorders. Dr. B is not just an orthodontist but a healthcare advocate, making a significant impact on our community's well-being. Here's to many more years of positive change and healthy smiles together!

- Dr. Jill Kinzer
Spear Aesthetics

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