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“Absolutely outstanding! Dr. J and his staff are amazing.” - Colleen
“I moved to Bellevue looking for a new orthodontist for my children. I came to Dr. J's office... and have not regretted my decision. Great orthodontist, wonderful staff, my kids and I just love everyone at this practice!” - Terry
“Dr. Joondeph is an excellent doctor with an outstanding staff. Two of my kids were patients of his... the staff is very accommodating with payments.” - New Y.
“I came across an old video of me in my teen years and ouch what an ugly face there! Dr J was the reason I have this much better profile today. 2 decades years after I completed my treatment at his office, my teeth are still staying where they were, no shifting, the retainers he and the team put in are still intact. ...I wouldn't go anywhere else.” - Q. T.
“Excellent service! The treatment of my son lasted 2 years, every thing happened as planned. Very professional team.” - Sophie
“Dr. J is the best. He is skilled, experienced, and gentle as could be. Both my children started with him when they were really young; and I have recommended him to our my friends; and they to theirs. When we moved to oversea, we still kept Dr. J as our Orthodontist. He and his entire office went out of their way to accommodate our odd schedules. This summer, our "available" time conflicted with Dr. J's vacation. Guess what, he came in the office just for us! We are sooo moved. Love you Dr. J” - Yi
“Dr. Truong encouraged communication in and out of appointments. But never did I need to call outside the appointments because nothing went wrong, because everything was made so clear. She would tell me everything to expect and made sure I was comfortable. Which was so valuable especially considering dentists/orthodontists are so uncomfortable for so many people.” - Ciara
“When I met Dr. Truong, she listened to the information I had to share throughout my previous three years of Invisalign experience. She listened patiently and was considerate of my fears. With Dr. Cassie's encouragement, I began to wear the aligners more often and check in regularly. It has been my pleasure being her patient.” - Shirley
“Dr. Truong is an excellent doctor who helped me with my braces and helped me get them off in about a years time! Always kind, caring, considerate, and helpful I wouldn’t have had my braces off as soon as I did without her.” - Sara
“We thank all the doctors here that have helped my son achieve much more confidence in his smile and when he talks to people, especially Dr. Truong. She has been great and very understanding when a mother of three, such as myself, comes in 15 or 20 minutes late. I appreciate that very much as some people know it is a struggle to get kids ready so early in the morning. All in all, I am grateful for all the professional treatment we have received here as a family. Thank you again Dr. Truong for the love and care you showed us. ” - Arelis
“I'm only half way through my orthodontic work and i'm already incredibly impressed with my results. Dr. Bockow started me off with the TAD expander because of my open bite and narrow upper jaw. Because of this expansion, my breathing has improved so much that i'm able to get a better night's sleep and more out of my workouts. Dr. Bockow makes you feel at ease when all the needles and wires are hanging over your face. I would highly recommend this practice, especially if you're an adult experiencing chronic pain from a misaligned jaw.” - Zeynab
“Almost 2 years ago, I was referred Dr. Bockow because my bite had shifted dramatically after the extraction of one of my molars. She created a treatment plan and explained every little detail of the upcoming process. I have been a dedicated patient all these past mo.s and am now free of the braces and now wearing retainers – with a beautiful smile too! Dr. Bockow is truly amazing in every way – she’s sensitive and kind and very knowledgeable. I have always felt that I was in the best place and in the best hands with her! To really top it off – her staff is also amazing – so friendly and knowledgeable. I really couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist/and staff. And….I highly recommend Dr. Bockow for any age group – I am 72 and worked with my husband (a dentist) in our office for 22 yrs.” - Mari-Ann
“Dr. Bockow treated our three kids and I could not have been more impressed. She was compassionate and knowledgeable. After she treated our oldest we knew we would not take our other two anywhere else. you would be hard pressed to find anyone better.” - Curtis
“From the first appointment and everyone since I have truly been impressed with the treatment my son has received… the most impressive part about this treatment is that HE NOTICES A HUGE BREATHING difference… I would refer anyone to this office the staff is AMAZING.” - Melissa C.
“…I just want you know that I appreciate you very much and I will finally for the first time in my life have a beautiful smile. I won’t have to smile with my mouth closed or put my hand in front of my mouth when I laugh or hold my head down when I speak. Every time I smile I will think about you.” - Yvette
“For the first time in my life my teeth are not sensitive anymore, I look forward to going to the dentist, my teeth are not sensitive anymore because I know how to keep them clean, I don’t cover my mouth or put my head down when I laugh, I don’t have an angry face on anymore because I don’t want to smile and most importantly – I FINALLY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SMILE!!!!!!! Every time someone compliments me on my smile (and they do) I think of Dr. Bockow. <br>Dr. Bockow thank you so much for getting it right and forever changing my life!!!!! ” - Y.P.
“The best dental experience ever! The front office staff is great and so helpful! Dr. Bockow is patient and really listened to me. She did a great job and she is very gentle.” - Susan
“Dr. Bockow treated 3 of my daughters and not only is she a gifted orthodontist but she is a wonderful woman! You will be sooo pleased with her service!”” - Catherine
“One of the best orthodontist in the country!” - Harrison
“You will not find a better orthodontist than Dr. Bockow. She treated my three daughters who are as cowardly with doctors as the cowardly lion! She set them right at ease. They LOVE her! She is very intelligent and did an impressive job with each of them. I am sad that she is no longer on the east coast! My daughters had complex cases and she managed to do a top notch quality job with keeping them at great ease. She made them each feel equally special and confident in themselves and in her! They trust her. The Seattle area is lucky to have her.” - Lori
“Dr. Bockow is a wonderful orthodontist. My daughter was her patient for two years and she received great care. Making her experience with braces go so smoothly. My daughters smile looks beautiful. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to have Dr. Bockow as her orthodontist.” - Debbie
“Not sure where to start... I was Dr. John Moore's patient back in 2014 and Dr. Bockow took over Dr. Moore's practice in early 2015. At first I was like, "uh-oh", this young lady better knows what she's doing. But hey, she's not only awesome as an orthodontist but also super friendly as a human being! Rebecca's team is gold standard for customer service. They were really good with patient education, their tone of voice were never condescending, and the front desk staff always try to meet my last minute scheduling request (I must confess, I am a big foodie, so there were times where I broke my bands and bracket only days after a new adjustment. I called the office and was in for a fix the next day). In addition to a friendly staff, you can also communicate with Dr. Bockow via email! The only downside (it doesn't affect me though) is that she also has an office on the East side, so her time during the week is limited at the downtown location.” - Carl
“I was a patient of Dr. Bockow’s while she was student at the University Of Pennsylvania. She was very friendly and always made me feel comfortable. She allowed me to schedule my visits during my lunch breaks and was always very informative. I was a little nervous at first about getting braces. Being in my forties and planning a wedding didn’t make the matter better but Dr. Bockow’s caring personality had me wearing a new smile all the way to the altar. Thank you Dr. Bockow. You are awesome.” - Claire
“We’re so lucky to have found Dr. Bockow. My son was diagnosed with sleep apnea at 8, and the sleep specialist recommended that we consult with an orthodontist and an ENT for treatment options. The first orthodontist we went to did not recognize the problem, but when we told the sleep specialist he recommended we have another consultation with Dr. Bockow. She saw that his palate and jaw development were impacting his sleep quality and set up a treatment plan. It felt a little overwhelming at first, because there were a lot of steps, but everyone in her office and everyone she recommended has been absolutely fantastic. My son had a lip bumper, palate expander, myofunctional therapy, and a frenectomy. His sleep issues are resolved—so his mood, energy, and health have improved remarkably–and his facial development is clearly back on track. I’m really grateful to Dr. Bockow and her team.” - Vanessa
“I've had an Invisalign treatment for about a year now, and every time I go for my check-ups or tray updates the staff and service have been wonderful! If you need to get braces or Invisalign or have any of the services Dr. Bockow and her staff offer, do yourself a favor and have them here!” - Mariano
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